Figgy's Dog Tricks

Jill Upton - Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Available for 1-2-1 and small group sessions.
Boredom Buster
Trick training and games are a great boredom buster for your dog.
Rainy Day Games
Trick training and games is a great way to entertain your dog on rainy days.
Have Fun Together
Trick training and games is fun and very rewarding for both you and your dog..
Build Confidence
Help build your dogs confidence with trick training and games.
Mental Stimulation
Dogs needs mental stimulation and trick training and games are a great  way to provide this. 
Strengthen Muscles
Trick training can help strengthen muscles help with balance and rear leg awareness.
Helping Hand
Teach your dog to help around the house like
loading the washing machine, tidying up their toys or fetch your slippers.
Dogs Love To Learn
Dogs love to learn, with trick training there are endless tricks to learn.
My Trick Videos
Just a few trick videos with my own dogs.
More videos to be added soon 
The Trick Is In The Training

Trick Training using kind positive methods.
Learn how to get your dog to think for themselves.

Teach your dog cool tricks and games, Impress your family and friends with a showcase of tricks.  
Dogs from as young as 8 weeks to our golden oldie will benifit from learning tricks.
Trick training is all about you and your dog having fun, dogs love to learn and there are endless tricks for them to learn.
Here are some of the tricks and games you could teach your dog -
  • Roll over
  • Crawl
  • Sit up and Beg
  • Bow
  • Wave
  • Leg weave
  • Peek-A-Boo
  • Spin circles
  • Skateboard
  • Achoo!! (fetch a hankie when you sneeze)
  • Basketball
  • Doggie darts
  • Walk backwards and many more, the list is endless.

Figgy's Dog Tricks Blog
Read my blog and keep up to date with tricks and games I am currently teaching and other ideas to keep your dogs entertained.